About Us

We Believe in Delicious & Elegant Food

Since our home made condiments and processed products was a hit at every function, we decided to sell our sauces, pickles, our own processed meats and our bakery products to anyone who requests products. We are now proudly manufacturing our sauces on a larger scale and has introduced them at supermarkets and butchery outlets.

Our Vision

Total client satisfaction Total reliability Quality workmanship and exceptional service Motivating our staff and encouraging their skills development with on-going training


To provide our clients with the highest quality of professional skills possible, guaranteed freshness to promote improved and sustainable quality while at all times subscribing to the highest standard of honesty and integrity.

The Purpose Statement

Active involvement in social responsibility in our community is a key driving force behind this business, with a key outcome to empower women. Job creation efforts for the unemployed such as teaching skills in agro-processing, cooking, events management, arts and crafts offers a stepping stone to get to the next level of starting their own sustainable business.